Chairman and CEO

Believing in the motto that the customer has a proven right to demand the finest product, our endeavor over the last 16 years of glorious efforts at Baba Enterprises have always been towards creating and providing the best. Perhaps it is this product excellence and perfectionist approach which have enabled us to build and maintain a longstanding and strong relationship with our customers. Our business philosophy is derived from our core values, which we have strictly adhered since inception of the company. We consider honesty to be one of our company's core values and it is what has made us stand in the rice exporting industry for longer than a decade. You may wonder why we can still stay active in this highly competitive business where many people think the product from each supplier in the industry is virtually the same. If you have a chance to do business with us, you will soon learn that what we provide is not simply rice, but the premium customer service and our ethical business philosophy. My gratitude and pride goes out to the entire team that works overtime to contribute towards the goals of the company. It has been their sincere allegiance and commitment that helped us to achieve the sales targets of 2013 in profitable manner is certainly an accomplishment.

Mr Fazal Rahman